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Full Name: Janaina Delvalle

This is technically Jana's third life.  After stepping away from SL for some months, she started again with a goal in mind.  Jana's primary job in Second Life is SL Photography which she started about a year ago.  She has worked with several agencies and fellow photographers.  Currently she runs ::eXposure:: which provides photography services as well as custom poses.  She has been styling officially with GLANCE International since October 2009.

If she's not shopping, photographing/photoshopping, or blogging...then she's sparring with the Sessou Clan.

Owner of ::eXposure:: Photography and Poses
Stylist and Fashion Photographer with: GLANCE International Agency
Fashion Photographer with: FOCUS 

For more information on services or contacting Jana
Email: janaina.delvalle@gmail.com
Inworld: Leave an IM with Janaina Delvalle or Jayson Delvalle.  Notecards get lost when IMs get capped.  If you prefer to send a notecard, please leave the notecard in her mailbox at the studio.